Digital Literacy transforms lives of villagers in North Tripura

Digital Literacy transforms lives of villagers in North Tripura

Digital literacy can have a profound implication in women’s social, economic and political empowerment and Ratna Debnath   from West Tripura has started witnessing the impact.

Out of sheer enthusiasm and thirst to acquire more knowledge on computer and technology, Ratna enrolled herself under Basic Computer Course (BCC) after completing the 10-day training programme under PMGDISHA.

The BCC certified beneficiary, Ratna has got a fresh lease of life after being appointed as Enumerator in 7th Economic Census. She is one of the Enumerators who have done highest data collection during 7th Economic Census in Tripura.

“Internet is a tool with endless potential and only the digitally literate will have the skills to harness it effectively. PMGDISHA course developed a taste for digital tools and devices and hence got enrolled for BCC. This has completely transformed my life and got a job in Economic Census,” said Ratna.

  VLE Chandan Debnath facilitated the training to the beneficiary.The life of villagers in North Tripura just revolved around their daily chores. However, introduction to PMGDISHA has transformed their lives. These villagers started reviving their other flair with the help of digital devices and internet services.

They have started using digital payment gateways to make the bill payments and other transactions. VLE Chandan Debnath, who introduced them to the digital devices including, computers and smartphones, has registered more than 300 students and 267 candidates have completed their examinations.

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